15 Apr 2009

Big Brother Bites Back

The G20 Meltdown has become a beacon of light in dealing with brutal police powers.

But the reporting on mainstream channels has already become subject to being dumbed down. The BBC report "alleged attacks". Even if the police are found to have acted with reasonable force, this does not negate the fact that it was an assault. It would just be a justified assault instead of a criminal assault. But there is obvious journalistic disquiet at projecting such inferences, after all, it is not like there is video evidence. Oh, wait.

While it is all very well to say "The public has a right to be able to identify any uniformed officer whilst performing their duty.", I would suspect that the woman struck round the face had other things on her mind than memorising the 4, 5 or 6 digit number on the Officer's shoulder.

As a number of radio stations have commented, the police are now fully aware they are under far more scrutiny than ever before, with the advent of photographic and internet technology. This is a delightful form of "Big Brother" style vigilance biting back, and I commend it all the way.

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