14 Apr 2009

Real Issues

As tempting as it is to join the debate on the acrimonious behaviour of the political parties, I have turned my attention to other things today. While the media is obsessed with the "Smear scandal", there are other issues at hand with Korea and their alleged missile launcher.

In short, North Korea fired something. Japan think it is a missile. N Korea say it isn't. Obama has called for a "global response" and N Korea have announced no further cooperation with the UN. To me this is slightly more concerning than what is essentially An Email.

I am sceptical about the UN and their intentions at the best of times. Actually, I generally sceptical about anyone who feels the need to invade and control other countries on a flimsy basis. This could well be another "weapons of mass destruction" fiasco that tempts USA into a further debacle of appalling behaviour, with the UK not far behind.

The fact that "President Barack Obama called for a global response and condemned North Korea for threatening the peace and stability of nations "near and far." seems to support this.

Scepticism aside, a county that declares "it launched an experimental communications satellite into orbit Sunday and that it's transmitting data and patriotic songs" is potentially "provoking" intervention, as Obama put it.

Especially as

"In a statement, the UN watchdog said North Korea had served notice that it would cease co-operation immediately.

"It [the North] has requested the removal of all containment and surveillance equipment, following which, IAEA inspectors will no longer be provided access to the facility," the statement said.

"The inspectors have also been asked to leave... [North Korea] at the earliest possible time."

But just as provocative to developing into a confrontation is US media around the matter. Comments such as "the rogue communist state" are more fuel to an already sparking fire.

We have had Bush the second indulge in recreating his father's adventures in the East, are we now to have Obama revisiting the legacies of presidents before him?

I suppose it highlights how little the USA learns from it's mistakes, if any of the historical pejorative skirmishes are to go by. But skirmishes have a nasty habit of escalating.

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