15 Apr 2009

Stay at Home and Stop Moaning

Home Births as Safe as Hospitals

Am I the only one to read this as hospitals have descended so far you may as well have your baby at home?!

While a study in the Netherlands may reveal interesting information about their birthing services, the abhorrent system in the UK cannot be compared, nor any conclusions drawn from this.

Interesting comparison statistics identify the issues with the UK's maternity units, and from this I would conclude it is safer to give birth in a public toilet as your child would have the same chance of survival.

While this will encourage people to take weight off the nhs, I have to question why this comes as such news worthy information. Women ha vent been going into hospital to give birth for thousands of years. Therefore it is fair to assume unless a woman has a severe problem with her child, eg breech, record of gestational diabetes etc then she should be able to give birth as confidently at home as in a hospital.

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