13 May 2009

In the Interests of Public Safety

In the midst of the furore of MP's Expenses, has anyone else noticed the police shootings that have occurred in the last week? (here and here)

One I can understand, but is it reasonable to have police shooting people dead within a matter of days unrelated?

It seems that shooting people dead is becoming another nasty development in Police Brutality that is apparently a "justified" response.

If duress is not a defence to murder or manslaughter, how is it a justification that you were "doing your job"?

These cases were not even as contentious as Charles de Menezes. This was not mislaid information over a terrorist. It was an old man in a retirement flat and a pissed maniac at one in the morning. Not exactly a huge threat to public safety?

"Just after 01:20 BST, armed officers fired at the man, before entering the house where they discovered the man with injuries."
Injuries he subsequently died from.

Other reports state he was firing indiscriminately. Not at police. Not at people. Not with intention.

It makes me so angry that the police are allowed to act like this without transparency. Oh yes, the IPCC will investigate and the officers involved will pen push for a while, and in the mean time other officers will shoot other civilians and we will all nod our heads and say "oh it was in the interest of public safety".

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