7 Jun 2009

Paper Selling Politics

Having watched the media campaign on MPs expenses are like a rubbernecker at a car accident, the last five days have been like a horror film. By Rob Zombie.

We have seen unfathomable expense claims, from gold monogrammed well covers to packets of ginger nuts. A montage of quotes about "being within the rules" and the media equivalent of a social revolt.

Then, we've seen a predictable fallout within Parliament. Resignations approximately every 12 hours, interspersed with defences of the Prime Minister, public opinion and pitiful triage attempts by civil servants. we may as well have industrial metal running over the top, how about March of the Pigs by Nine Inch Nails?

Is Mandelson's e-mail debacle today is the icing on the top, a Spielberg ending or a circular reference to the earlier e-mail scandal this year with Guido Fawkes?

Or is this a cleverly executed plan by Brown himself to attempts to make politics the forefront of people's minds and not the MPs expenses?!! (of course the final analogy for this is a poorly written and ludicrously plotted Dan Brown movie).

On that note, naturally Tom Hanks should play Peter Mandelson in the film, an unconvincing Brutus planning Caesar's death.

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