30 Oct 2009

Question Time... the most recent one

Having watched Griffen and various other MPs utilise QT as a political tool last week, I was interested in reviewing this week's one to see if there would be a return to form or a further desire to manipulate and persuade the public as they engage in the gladiatorial arena of politics in the duration of unrest.

Given that Jackie Smith effctively threw a fit about Proffessor Nut on yesterday's QT, I was none the less surprised to see they had managed to get rid of him so quickly. The accusations being bandied about miss the point that Quangos and "advisory bodies" are merely additional wage earners for people to publish whatever the government wants. I cannot agree with Proffessor Nut's comments on drug use (when did it become *misuse* by the way? Surely any indulgence of ecstasy and heroin is a misuse?!)

I admit I was disappointed with Lembit Opik's rather weak argument on decriminalisation of drugs. I completely support the policies on drug management the Liberal Democrats put forward, but I have to say if you are going to go onto national television and make an outrageously contentious comment, you ought to have the facts, figures and arguments to back you up.

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