19 Nov 2009

The Gradual Erosion Of Public Rights

Another little "Internet virus" story that has come to my attention is the allegedly at the new Digital Economy Bill .

I found the comments underneath very interesting. people were questioning why on earth the government would take away the power of MPs in this way. But if the matter is that they would not be taking away the powers of MPs by implementing this bill, but in fact only take away the rights of the public to scrutinise the powers of government.

It is something that they implemented in the Tory party in 1992 to do with refugees and asylum. the Home Secretary now has the power to legislate on how we treat asylum seekers and refugees without consulting publicly elected members. This means that the government can quite happily electronically tag anyone seeking asylum who enters the UK, take and retain their DNA for life, provide them with less than 60% of income support to live on and deny them the opportunity to work or integrate with society until their asylum claim has been assessed.

This is a completely abysmal state of affairs for a democratic oligarchy.

The proposed bill to prevent pirating movies and music is also atrocious.

How can we have a country that called itself democratic and yet it regularly allows politicians to remove scrutiny from the public and instils bodies that are essentially government whip to review their behaviour under the ludicrous name "quango"? people talk about the removal of freedom of speech in a loose an inappropriate way in this country. Indeed, defining it is extremely difficult.

However it seems that reporting this is inconceivable to local papers and people are not encouraged to question will challenge the decision in any way shape or form.

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