1 Dec 2009

Pointless Passion from Cameron

Cameron is on on his high horse again.

I don't think that I would be as generous as to call his announcements today "half-truths".

I have very limited time availability today, so below is an argument that I had with the radio on my brief lunch break;

Cameron: (paraphrase)I will put an end to the ludicrous health and safety legislation that dominates public and private sectors in the UK

Me: Oh really Cameron? How exactly?

Cameron: (paraphrase) It is ludicrous that trainee hairdressers are not allowed to use scissors in the classroom...etc etc etc

Me: Ahhhhhh.... you're appealing to Daily Mail readers then, so how exactly are you going to reform it Cameron?

Cameron: (paraphrase) we live in a society where people have no responsibility for and their actions... etc etc etc

Me: yes Cameron, okay but how are you going to reform it?

Cameron: (paraphrase) public bodies are paying out due to people suing them... etc etc etc

Me: okay, so we've established that you don't know how you're meant to reform it and this is just a piece of electioneering win you votse after the Euro issue... are ultimately how on earth would you know what people sue people for?
You've never had a real job.

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