18 Jan 2010

Demographic Analysis

Much debate was had on morning radio about the announcement on worsening social and financial divide of cities in the UK.

It's quite interesting to assess the two main referenced cities Brighton (and Hove) and Hull.

Both have around 250,000 persons, but there is more ethnic diversity in Brighton with only 89% white as opposed to 95% in Hull. Hull has a denser population and higher number of unemployed, as well as higher number of people with Households with Below Average Income.

However, what all the national papers and radio shows failed to address is ease of commute to London.

It takes a minimum of 3 and a half hours to travel from Hull to London by train and costs a terrifying £203 a day for a return.

From Brighton, however, is a easy hour's journey at the cost of £19.50 for a return per day. This would be £4,407 per year as opposed to £46,690 from Hull.

With average earnings in London at £73,587 within an easy commute of Brighton, is it any surprise this city is coming up better equipped to cope with the recession?

Where as earnings in Hull are a national average of £28,000 are clearly going to make for a less thriving future in the current economy.

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