8 Jan 2010

Misleading News Articles on Immigration Benefits

For my own opinion on this article on mispayment of benefits, I consider that you read my previous post today.

Just to reiterate, the way that Britain treats asylum seekers in this country is a diabolical abuse of human rights.

the law was changed in the 90s so that legislation and policy on immigration can be made by the Home Secretary without scrutiny of any of the executives of government.

This has allowed our government to respond hastily to accusations and scaremongering by tabloid newspapers about poor management of immigration. As a result, refugee and asylum seekers are electronically tagged while their claims is assessed and kept in converted police cells, they are only given two thirds of income support (which puts them far below the poverty threshold) and if they try to work they are prosecuted and expelled from the country.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I would advise anyone who does not necessarily follow the common view that refugee and asylum seekers are here to "sponge off our country" to do a bit of research on Refugee and Migrant charities, publications and legislation before making up your mind.

Ultimately, in relation to the article in the Telegraph, consider how many people are not Refugees all Immigrants that received Overpayments not to mention how many people there with non-domicile tax status the utilise all of our services and do not contribute fully.

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