7 Jan 2010

Tory Married Tax Benefit

Conservatives everywhere may be celebrating the announcement that Cameron intends to identify tax benefits and marriages.

However, this highly discriminating proposal will have a far more significantly negative effect on on society as a whole.

Gender Discrimination
Cameron does not intend to include these benefits to same-sex or gay marriages.

Financial Implications of Not Getting Married
Cameron clearly does not take into the financial savings of not getting married.
the average cost of getting married is the equivalent of putting a deposit on a house.
People who are not registered as couples gain individual benefits based on individual income; pensions, jobseekers, council tax benefit, among others.

Single Parent Families
Cameron also fails to take into account that people whose marriages or relationships break down through no fault of their own are therefore subject to discrimination financially when they try to support the families.

Faith Discrimination
Where we lived in secularised, multicultural society, the concept of marriage is entrenched within Christianity in this country. While this tax saving would benefit people who marry in any faith, it discriminates against people who do not marry because they do not support the religious connotations.
Why should people be entirely entitled to make up their own mind about their religious beliefs, yet be discriminated against for failing to fulfil a religious ceremony to cohabit with a member of the opposite sex?

Ultimately, there are more cohabiting couples in the UK than the married couples and this number is set to increase.

Creating benefits for married people will not increase the number of married couples in the UK when they lose out so much with other benefits and are discriminated against and is not truly reflective of a democratic country.

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  1. I'm in favour of "privatising" marriage (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_privatization), but this is one of the rare times I'm with the Tories, at least in principle, if not in method. You want to 'encourage' people to get married, or at least have the commitment to each other written down and backed in some legally binding way. Given the amounts of money involved (even poor people), the lives which can be turned upside down, fierce arguments over children, not doing so is just bonkers. But you are right, Cameron's plan won't make any difference, its just an appeal to Daily Mail sense. (not common!)

    Also, there is a huge issue with giving marriage like rights to cohabiters; the 'Marriage in your sleep' issue, as there has to be a cut off somewhere,(say 90 days) when the extra benefits kick in, which also means you can't cohabit for longer than that without, it least in law, getting married.

    Finally, I have been blissfully happily married for over six years. My marriage cost under £200. Just the marriage licence + a meal for 12 close friends and family (which my Gran paid for) You don't need to spend a fortune, you have a whole lifetime to do that.


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