30 Oct 2010

The Silent Truth in Harman's Scathing Attacks

Someone that has to resort to personal attacks is a sign of someone with nothing left to say.

Harriet Harman has shocked the country at the Scottish Labour Conference by launching vociferous and malignant remarks at the Liberal Democrats.

Stooping as low as to mention the seventh diversity strand, ginger, she proclaimed;

"Now, many of us in the Labour Party are conservationists - and we all love the red squirrel,"
"But there is one ginger rodent which we never want to see again - Danny Alexander."

The remarks read like an opinionated red top tabloid column.

However, the real message Harman is giving out is that the new face of the Labour Party have no real arguments left.

Last night's BBC Radio 4's Any Questions indicated as much, as Baroness Warsi managed to silence both Jack Dromley MP and Mail Columnist Peter Hitchins by pointing out that the coalition have increased the tax threshold, have introduced a bankers' levy and are clearing up the mess the Labour Government left behind.

In another of Bromley's pseudo-UKIP diatribes, Warsi interrupted to defend Europe and the UK's involvement to applause.

Yet all Labour can raise in defence is petty insults, abusive language and behaviour that more than hints at grasping at straws.


  1. Red top newspapers and people with red hair very good!lol

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayeeda_Warsi,_Baroness_Warsi

    im not her greatest fan

  3. I have to confess, I'm not a huge fan of Warsi either, she has never grabbed my attention on #bbcqt.

    However, she was really quite impressive on Any Questions, credit where credit is due if you can shut up euro-hating pseudo UKIP journalists!


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