12 Dec 2010

Death of the Lib Dems?

There's a lot of blogging on the Lib Dems at the moment. Some are writing an epitaph and some are writing of metamorphasis after the sacrifice of Clegg.

The phoenix was an interesting choice for the Liberal Democrats to choose in 1983. Most understand the bird to represent rising from the ashes, and so the merging of the Social Democrats and the Liberal Party could be seen as a rejuvenation of their policies in a positive, casting off their daemons along the way.

But the image of the phoenix is even more poignant now.

For those with a love of classics, the phoenix lived a 500 year life, where at the end it would build a nest of riches and lay down and burst into flames. And from those ashes, a young bird would imerge, ready for another 500 year cycle.

The metaphors are wonderful. As Ovid observed;

"From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor

And here the Lib Dems are apparently at their moment of resurrection, in their nest of rich and Tory laid principles, from where a new form of party could imerge, amongst the broken windows of the Treasury and the Supreme Court.

Their destination depends on the party itself, the only party to be guided by democratic principles that govern each level of importance. Unlike the current parliament.

The Lib Dems have acehived a lot in coalition, although the voters aren't getting the message.

What ever your position on tuition fees, it was the Lib Dems who insisted on a cap, while the Tories wanted it to be unlimited. Imagine the social divide then. We'd be looking at an American Style system where those with money got degrees.

The limits on nuclear energy and the increased investment in renewable energy sources are one of Chris Huhne's biggest sucesses, the Green Deal, as it so quaintly called. But this deal will significantly improve the environment, having impact on ours and our children's future, as well as embracing better mentalities towards energy saving and reducing carbon footprint.

The introduction of a higher tax threshold in April 2011 will ensure that those experiencing benefit cuts are better off, and help to ensure it is more productive to work than take benefits.

The bankers levvy, so demanded by the public, has been introduced as part of the coalition strategy.

And that is just the beginning.

Perhaps the Liberal Democrats havent had enough experience of the media and how to spin their successes. Or at least competing with the agendas of other political parties in the midst of a spin war.

Even ConHome was advertising Nick Clegg as a liar this week, taking their pound of salt but not accepting any of the blame for recent insurrections by students and activists.

So yes, a strategic opportunity is here for the Liberal Democrats. To reassert their party politics, play their own trumpet and push, aggressively, to get a differnt identity from both Tories and Labour.

The ultimate mission is still the AV Referendum.

Anyone who has been made redundant, anyone who has demonstrated at unfair tuition fees, anyone who is unhappy about the cuts to child benefit, are posed with the opportunity to change politics in the UK for good.

We are currently governed by a man who received just 25% of the country's votes in 2010.

Our own MPs are generally elected on less than 50% of the population.

Why would anyone be content to stay with this system of complete unfairness?

The change would allow people to vote for their genuine choices, no tactics, and change how the country is ruled for good. If you don't like Clegg, this is your opportunity to out him. Far more so than ignoring the vote.

To ignore the AV Referendum would ensure a future of Old Boys Club, a future of people who have never received benefits deciding benefits payments, of people who dont need to worry about university fees raising them for the rest of us.

But with Labour contesting the referendum (after all, it was good enough for them to elect a leader, but not for the country), and the Tories wanting to maintain the status quo, it will be the Lib Dems championing the campaign.

And there in lies their opportunity, a remodel and a review of identity with a new political system in the UK.

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