6 Feb 2011

The Perfect Advert and a Scathing Attack on Sally Bercow

It seems that Bill Hicks was something of a Nostradamus. Or a Cacye.

My husband introduced me to the joys of the humourous sociologist, Hicks, the man who said "The Human Race is a virus with boots". I think Hicks should be taught in Schools alongside Dirkheim, Giddens and Fauste.

Feminists all over the world have probably made this post already, but it was the link that caught my attention today.

Hicks said that the perfect advert would be acheived one day. This advert would be a naked woman, spreadeagled, with the slogan "drink coke".

The argument is clear, that pornography (any media that has no artistic credit and causes sexual thought) will ultimately drive the advertising industry, that people will subscribe endemically to one dimensional portrayal of the post modern pornography and therefore be coerced into purchasing any product thinkable.

And a huge exmaple of this in recent months is: Alicia Silverstone.

And so we have it. The perfect advert. By stripping a woman, you can sell anything.

Sex and Politics

Although, I am delighted to see that Sally Bercow, she who embodies the political Geri Halliwell (no talent, no skills and a grasping effort at celebrity), seems to have failed to sell the political world to the country in the main.

Hearing she was posing in a sheet for the Evening Standard, I was struck by her continuous, frenzied attempts to stay in media limelight.

To a politico, and to a feminist, she is saying to me she has completely subscribed to the structural ideologies of the modern world and demonstrating the perceived ability of a woman to be nothing more than an attention seeking, one dimensional, feckless lesser species.

The very pursuit of staying in the news, which she manages with the appaulingly obvious PR of a very fair weather politician, using sex, where, one can only deduce, she has no other talents to sell.

She may like to think she is the UK's answer to Carla Bruni, but in reality, she is simply politic's answer to Jordan.

Yet, to misrepresent Hicks's comments, she has failed to sell anything at all.

Perhaps, Sally, you may wish to try adding "drink coke" to your next news article.

Which I have no doubt will be about a car-key party, lesbianism or some similar attempt to recapture the public's shallow imagination.

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