19 Mar 2011

Considering Consequences of No Fly Zone in Libya

If one more person mentions Nostradamus to me...

Today we see the initiation of air strikes on Libya.

And my exploration of pacifism continues.

My reluctance to approve of the action taken against Gaddafi is not driven by approval of his actions, but by my own lateral interpretation of the Middle East Uprisings.

As Cameron says, "now is the time for action". But such action has consequences, and if there is something we are very bad at in the 21st century, it is realisation of those consequences.

If we set a precedent, by bombing Libya, do we then justify the invasion and desecration of Syrria, Palestine and Isreal, Yemen, Nubia, etc etc?

Where do we draw a line between dictators, civil uprising and massacre and where the UK and the UN should and should not be involved?

I have yet to hear a jet fly over the UK. But I have a sense of forboding Nostradamus would appreciate, as more and more dominos fall in this sequence of plutorcracy and demolition.


Someone responded to my anaogy of a child in a playground by suggesting the teacher should restrain the larger child.

However, bombing the shit out of Libya is simply smacking one child over another, as I understand it.

Better to spray a hose on them all, destract from the violence. Because tackling violence with violence can never lead to resolution.

I would be inclined to suggest the UN should first be attempting to talk with Gaddafi, to discuss with the rebels, to seek peaceful resolution. Instead, we are ganging up and attacking.

Does anyone in government seriously consider that this behaviour will end in a peaceful and democratic resolution? That if we drop enough bombs, Gaddafi will simply hold up his metaphorical white flag and surrender, then suggest tea and cakes while we all discuss how to move forward for the good of the country?

If this happens, I will quite happily applaud the extreme force being used by the UN.

However, i would suggest that the actions of the UN will result in more deaths, more slaughter, loss of civilisation and peace will only be restored once Gaddafi is under arrest or dead. Alongside the charnel house Libya is likely to become in the process.

And then?

What then?

Do we pop along and drop a few bombs on the Hamas, or on Yemen?


  1. i had to do a bunch of surfing b4 i could find
    your blog. a lot of nuthin on google - it
    seems like getting real news on the net is as
    bad as tv. where do you (if you manage it) get
    your unbiased news? i agree with your view -
    and i am sick of the bullies - especially the ones that act in my name without my permission .....
    or in this case without my congress reps' permission either. this is just more resource
    war. the inhabitants are fighting over resources and the exterior parties are in it for that reason also. Is there such a word as
    democracy-centrism, cuz it sure is being used to justify a whole lot of death, destruction,
    and general all around old and moldy hypocrisy.
    ever see the beginning of "Babies" ? - i think it
    came out in 2009 - where one baby tries to take the others toy and so the other hits and the first bites, etc. We have people in power
    who cannot rise above the emotional and mental level of a toddler. Pathetic! Hey, the fact is, when push comes to shove (appropriate phrase) it is hard to rise above the level of toddlers when ones life, etc. is at stake ..... but that IS what Jesus did, that is what Ghandi did, that is what Martin Luther King did. they changed the world as a result, they didn't continue the insanity of
    eye for an eye. thanks for your blog and i'm glad i kept wading through the muck til i found it. :-)

  2. Not meant to be an advert for my own blog but rather than rewriting stuff here. You might like to skip the stuff on Japan but I suspect you won't.

    As for the title of your blog, just be you, Disconcerted Discursives is clever but it isn't a person.


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