27 Mar 2011

Grassroots Campaigning at it's Best #wherewepointwewin

If there is one thing Lib Dems know how to do well, it's grass roots campaigning.

Recent chats on Twitter identified a habit of photographic evidence of pointing and frowning at various ubiquitous images of public discontent, from graffitti to potholes.

So we jumped into the fun, and appropriated a domain name to collate a range of these photographs, embracing the hegemonic grassroots photograph as a symbol of Lib Dems winning here.

Up and down the UK, LibDem’s are busy hunting down the things that irritate their residents the most. Whether they are councillors, candidates or campaigners, they seek out the greatest irritants and submit them for the ultimate humuliation and first step in their permanent eradication.

They point at them (and frown) and publish their photographs.

Are you a LibDem who points? Have you found the ultimate evil miscreant pothole, tree root, pile of snow, patch of graffiti or pile of litter? If so, we want to know about it and help you in your battle to name and shame it.

Come along and join us!

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