25 Mar 2011

Scathing Review on Labour's Policy and Campaigns

How sweet. Labour have nearly bankrupted themselves by;

(a)charging ludicrously cheap membership fees to convince themselves that people still want to join them after the state they left the country in; and

(b) spending all that money (really, over £650 billion a year on Public Services to implement a mediocracy?!)

As a result, they have attempted to market their severe lack of funds as a "Policy Forum"

This apparently is a way to discuss with party members the policies Labour should be promoting. That is, if they have any.

Judging by the comments I have seen on Labour Leaflets recently, they don't.

So what do Labour represent?

A lot of soundbites have been played today of Labour members complaining about their leadership campaign being about white, middleclass men from Oxbridge.

So if Labour are no longer Blairites, foolhardy opportunists singing to a tune of war and lowest common denominator service delivery, what are they?

Brownites are pretty dead in the water (although I think I liked them best)

So are we left with true socialism? The ragged trousered philosophers in their blue collar jobs?

Nope. Labour appears to be an uninspired, acrimonious bunch of moaners. Led by a man who conived his way to leader by leveraging union contacts, then stabbed them in the back when he got a chance.

And to top it all, they are so lacking in integrity that they have sunk so low as to make stories up when the impetus takes them.

Repugnant Campaigning

Labour appear have a coordinated national campaign to badmouth and effectively libel the Coalition. Which screams of a mature "name calling" response when they are licking their wounds.

Not only do I find their leaflets despicable (coming from a true blue county, I've had very little interaction with Labour Leaflets, that and the fact that "socialist" is a swearword around here), but I feel so angry at their relentless negative campaigning that is casting spurious, illogical and nefarious comments, I feel it necessary to point out a few untruths.

Now, I am sure I will be accused by the red tweeps and bloggers of simply returning the favour, but sometimes, one has to stand up for what they believe in.

A list of lies

#1 Libraries are closing nationwide
True the media have played a part in this. But in some areas, councils have retained all library services, AND, shock horror, EXTENDED the hours!

#2 People employed in the public sector are all losing their jobs
As a Union rep, I've attended many redundancy consultations, but I have yet to see any public sector institution make more than 10% redundancies in 2011.

#3 NHS Privatisation
Oh for goodness sake. The statement it's self is an oxymoron.

I could go on. But my ultimate point is please, please check the facts before you believe any of this nonsense!


  1. Labour has no ideology anymore.

    The founding principle of the
    party was public ownership as
    laid down in the old Clause 4.

    This form of 'democratic socialism'
    was abandoned by Labour following
    the revolutions in Eastern Europe
    and they have failed to develop
    anything to replace it.

    They are now an organisation composed
    of careerists, nostaglic or hopeful
    activists and trade union leaders who
    are desperate for a few crumbs from
    the table.

    They just want power back but have no
    philosophy or principles to guide them
    if they get it.

  2. I could have sworn there were library closures all over the place *before* this coalition took office, as well. But to read the Grauniad not a single library had closed in the last decade...

  3. Ahhh, that would be the same Labour who suggested Library closures to cut public spending in 2009?

    (By the way, I have yet to see a single library close, and some areas have extended opening hours under the Coaliton.)

    How about their commitment to scrapping EMA which they have suddenly campaigned against?

    Or how about the fact that they were committed to implementing all of Lord Browne's proposals on Student fess, which they introduced, which would have resulted in universities being entitled to charge unlimited amounts.


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