2 Apr 2011

My Submissions to BBC Radio 4 Any Questions

1. Is the news that the Daily and Sunday Sport are going into receivership an indirect win for gender equality in the UK?

I for one am delighted that my newsagents will not be adorning borderline pornography in the Newspaper aisles, now I can only hope for the same fate to become of Nuts, GQ etc.

2. When we impose democratic regime on other countries, does this include lack of tolerance of freedom of political expression?

As per the attacks on UN Workers in Afghanistan yesterday, we are imposing a democratic regime on Middle Eastern Countries but that should not contravene religious expression, and when such religious expression causes such dire human rights breaches, we must reexamine the social regulations we are thrusting upon countries.

I have concerns that History will look back on the Western imposition of democracy on Middle Eastern Nations rather like we now look back on the British Empire imposing Christianity on the Chinese.

Even though we consider that "democracy is not an ideal political system, but it's better than the alternatives".

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