18 Apr 2011

Speculation on Internet Piracy

The concept of ownership is something that has to be defined as civilisation progresses. From the ownership of land to the ownership of creation, lawyers and governments work hard to encompass definitions to establish rights and financial reward.

As we are shifting into the world of the internet, file sharing is becoming an even greater issue than before.


Music has been the principle discussion of the day, with the 'industry' complaining of illegal copying, the distributions levels up and the continuous battle between police and criminals to win the battle.

The 'free' software such as Last FM and Spotify were seen as solutions, but as Spotify made a loss this week and proposed steeper regulations, torrenting sites were predicted to be the norm again.


Film industry has devalued to such a degree that films made 6 months ago now retail for £3, crippling the profits.


Now today the Metro reports eBooks as the latest victims of the vast internet conspiracy to undermine ever growing capitalistic values.

Potential Solutions

There needs to be a significant shift away from 'ownership' while still protecting civillian rights in the great turn of modernity.

The concept of intellectual property needs to be more fluid to reduce profit margins but not lose them entirely.

Do we move to logging all content for ever? To do so would beyond the invasive behaviour of the notorious DE Bill, requiring a level of scrutiny that could be used for nefarious actions.

Therefore, as files cannot go '3d' as the cinema has desperately grasped at, perhaps we need to redress the balance between all strands of the entertainment industry and the creators, the exploiters and the generators.

But it still remains to be seen how.

If Rupert Murdoch cannot stop people reading his papers for free, what can Jo Bloggs and his first novel hope for?

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