21 Apr 2011

Now Who's the Nanny State Mr Cameron?

Another little soapbox incident...

Theresa May MP suggested a suitable way to address (falling) antisocial behaviour levels is to remove the offenders' iPods and other items.

I'm sorry? The Tories had the temerity to call Labour the creators of a nanny-state but are now proposing that the government take responsibility for punishing people through removal of personal items?!

Firstly, this measure is clearly aimed at young adults, who make up just 28% of antisocial behaviour offenders. The majority is adults aged 45-60 in neighbourhood disputes. I doubt they would be inclined towards their iPods being taken off them by teacher-like paternalism.

Secondly, and significantly, this is NOT the government's role. It is a knee jerk policy suggestion to appease middle class voters who's fear of crime far outweighs their actual experience of crime.

If anyone should be taking young adults' media devices away for bad behaviour, it should be their parents, not a politician elevated from all direct experience of ASB.

The legal jargon put forward by Judges to reject the policy talks of court seizure being proportionate. I would suggest if ASB has escalated to the extent the offender is in court under threat of ASBO, removing their IPod is going to do very little to reduce their bad behaviour.
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