4 May 2011

A Cheerleader Denied Free Speech- Wrong in so Many Ways

What can we turn a debate on cheerleaders into?

A reason not to vote to retain First Past the Post is a good start. Cameron declared vociferously to Humpreys on Radio 4 yesterday that America uses the outdated voting system to elect it's senators. And it is these senators that condone a court laying precedent that a cheerleader 'forgoes her constitutional right to free speech'. Just wow.

Or perhaps we can shape an argument around a culture that considers it to be acceptable for a school girl to take a legal suit on her school for dropping her from the cheerleading squad... Which is equally ridiculous.

The story may shock many people, for many reasons.

I believe it is the element of free speech that worries me the most. But we are talking about a country that detains people on islands of torture without charge and on often spurious evidence.

I would hate to see any elements of this culture come to Britain.
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