12 May 2011

The Conservatives are Beginning to Unveil Their True Agenda

Chris Blackhurst argues in the Evening Standard that those pesky Lib Dems are attempting to divide and disrupt parliamentary proceedings and slow down addressing the financial deficit.

I would imagine he considers the cuts, the redundancies, the reductions in services and the hikes in fares not swift enough. Clearly not a Labour columnist then.

His concern is chiefly with political infighting distracting from the work that apparently 'needs' to be done.

He is, of course, making a subjective point based on a Conservative ideology. What he fails to appreciate is that it is not a Conservative Administration and the apparent pec-flexing of the Liberal Democrats is not , as he dictates, peers and MPs being pains in the arses but in fact their right as (a) politicians and (b) politicians in a coalition.

With a clear interest in economy, Blackhurst denounces Cable as 'too much of a social thinker to...champion commerce'. I would suggest that is exactly what we need in politics, people with a social and strategic nature inclined to see the bigger picture, not blinkered bankers out to make a profit and sod the people.

And above all it is strong Tories like this that make me so very glad the Lib Dems are involved to sand the corners off their worst and misanthropic policies in the name of preserving the pound.

During the Tory Autumn Conference, members interviewed said they didn't feel the cuts were severe or quick enough. And this is exactly the argument Blackhurst is making. With added Lib Dem squeeze like a cherry on top.

I fear we will see more and more of these style of articles as the Tories prepare to go for a majority government. They may as well stoke the fire.

I just hope there are enough sensible people out there to realise just how much worse a Tory majority would be than our coalition.

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