16 May 2011

Dangers of the Arab Spring

It is reading distinctly as if the media is reluctant to report fighting in Gaza and Israel, preferring to focus on the media term 'Arab Spring'.

Since the Christmas a few years ago where tensions between Israelis and Palestinians were whetted by rocket attacks, they are rarely commented on, yet the battle has been quietly waging.

Obama was noted for his desire to improve relations in the two countries, then he got a Nobel Peace Prize and we all seemed to forget about it.

Protests in Arab countries, whether over democracy, corruption or religion, have escalated and yesterday we saw border battles with Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. But these were not part of the Arab spring, they were part of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian battle.

Yet the reports in the I paper and the Metro all but ignore this part, prefering to focus on the deaths on the borders.

The I paper adds in the last paragraph, almost as an afterthought, that 'there were more deaths in Gaza', the other six paragraphs given to Syria.

Rating protests in a contemplative form of importance not only undermines the value of human life and right to demcracy, but fails to address just how dangerous the so-called Arab Spring is becoming.

As battles take place accross a third of the mediterranean coast, it the Hamas I would be watching anxiously. We know their love of missile launchers, we know the bubbling war has been ongoing for some time and on that basis it may be far more devestating when the temperature hits boiling.

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