13 May 2011

Shaping Bin Laden's Epitaph

It appears we still need to demonise the legacy of bin Laden, with American reports of his obsession with 9/11.

How lucky, then, that the day after this story was leaked, Al Queda bombed a military base in Pakistan.

However, this will do little to mitigate growing tensions between the US and Pakistan.

The story came after yesterday's papers went to bed, but the news papers still have the sensational story of Bin Laden's emerging files.

The carefully crafted story seems to be a more fitting epitaph for the US to digest than the fact they hunted down a terminally ill man and shot him, as he was unarmed, in front of children.

The bombing of a military base may be in the name of an organisation whose patron is dead, but will whet the appetite of American Fundementalists who require hyperreal understanding.

We can only hope it unites Pakistan and the US against Al Queda, rather than the US further accusing Pakistan of failing to report to them like naughty schoolboys.

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