7 May 2011

Lib Dems Saving Britain from a Fate Worse than Greece

Courtesy of @Chrisjenkinson I thought I would add my comments to his post on Political Phrases I'd Rather Not Hear.

His political phrase in question is "We’re making tough decisions"

As Chris observes, the truth of the statement is;

We’re cutting project X because the country’s deficit is comparable to Greece’s. Because we’re cutting X, which Greece’s politicians didn’t do, we aren’t being bailed out by Germany and the IMF

For some reason, this point, that the Lib Dems are saving the UK from a fate worse than Greece, is not being reflected to the general public.

There seems to be two reasons for this. First, it is not on the media agenda to in anyway observe that (a) Britain is in a significant deficit and on the precipe of collapse if we do not address this, or (b) observe any contribution that the Lib Dems have made to the coalition in a positive light.

There is a smorgasboard of reasons for this, from media monopoly to media agenda. As I said in a previous post, the Lib Dems have the audacity to steal fire from the gods and are paying with their livers.

The second reason is that the message is not consistently being upheld by their Coalition Partners.

While the Conservatives are happy to pronounce the deficit as a result of reckless Labour Spending, they maintain their core centre-right voters and retain the majority of the floating voters the party worked hard to swing over in the Blair years.

Have you heard Cameron, Osbourne or Hague mention the significant UK Deficit and the risk of being bailed out by Europe? No.

The Conservatives have acheived their objective, to retain floating voters and continue to decimate Labour presence. Why would they need to add to the mix by indicating Britain is in a significantly stormy sea financially?

Further to this, it doesnt aid the Conservatives to mention Reckless Bankers, nor to support the good work the Lib Dems have done in the Coalition, or they would lose their flaoting voters to the Lib Dems very quickly.

It seems this backs their plan of sticking with the Lib Dems for 5 years then trouncing them in the General Election. Which, if the Locals are anything to go by, they are on course to achieve.

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