18 May 2011

Looking for a Cure for Clergy Abusers

Rather surprisingly, the Roman Catholic Bishops in the US who conducted a survey into clergy sexual abuse were able to deduce that the abuse was not caused by homosexuality.

Now repeat that line with a huge dose of sarcasm.

They also observed, shockingly, that it was neither celibacy nor male dominance either.

One does wonder how much this cost.
Their conclusion was that main causes included poor seminary training and insufficient emotional support.


So, if clergy had had a seminar on how not to abuse young children, the whole thing would have been resolved?

While I appreciate the apparent endemic issue of abuse by clergy is a deeply concerning one, I have to say that if Bishops, American or otherwise, are seeking a sweeping resolution to prevent future crimes, they will be disappointed.

The issue is perhaps only endemic because it is the tip of the iceberg in sexual assault cases, especially when involving figures of responsibility.

There needs to be both a cultural shift and an awareness shift to combat the same abuse levels occurring. This is in part already happening with more people being aware of the issues at hand.

However, unlike Dorries MP, I do not believe teaching girls abstinence is the key either.
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