31 May 2011

Nato need to Abandon Libya and Promote Talks

I feel somewhat vindicated by the current situation in Libya.

I have been voracious in my insistence Nato and UN should not have gone in to the conflict, and instead should have adopted diplomatic relations.

President Zuma has proved me right as he visited Gaddafi this weekend. Gaddafi has agreed to ceasefire. But the rebels have declined.

Of course the rebels have declined. They have an army's support, why should the end of the meaningless slaughter matter to them?

The rebels have also indicated they do not intend to form a government, a proposal that makes Cameron even more stupid as he has offered them a diplomatic office in London, presumably in exchange for oil.

The mission creep, the Libyan stalemate, the epitome of futility that this civil war has become, should never have started. Zuma has proved as much by simple talks.

If Nato get their heads in order, they would realise the idiocy of pursuing Gaddafi's resignation and support Zuma's diplomacy tactics.
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