3 May 2011

Not Quite the Breadline, but Not Far Off

The planned protest in London for a Living Wage was somewhat hidden in the shadows of the death of Bin Laden.

This is a great shame.

The issues surrounding wages continue to perpetuate as the decline in the pound continues.

Now I'm not an economist, but I recognise that my jasmine tea has gone from 80p to £1.20 in the last year. What is the price rise for Londoners?

The official definition of poverty is, I believe, where you have less than 40% disposable income.
I know very few people with this level of disposable income, and the majority of us are on more than £12.00 per hour. Therefore, I am baffled by the measure of poverty. What it indicates to me is just how extreme social divide really is.

Campaigners for the living wage may want FTSE 100 companies to cough up, but perhaps we should all be asking for higher more justifiable wages.

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