10 May 2011

A Quiet But Significant Sanction on Syria

Quietly quietly, tucked in a side column in the i paper, is a note to the beginnings of action on Syria.

'An EU statement said it was banning the shipment to Syria of "arms and equiptment that could be used for internal oppression"'.

This is a significant step towards sanctions being taken against another country in the Arab League.

Along with this, the EU is applying minerva injunctions and preventing free travel on specific citizens.

As the UN are not united on action, we may well see NATO adopt a strategic approach as they did in Cote Ivoire. Surruptitious invasion, removal of dictator, allow to descend into civil war again so they can keep the gun economy moving.

This insignificant paragraph has a significant affect on where Britain stands on what is fair and what is not. I predicted earlier that Syria would have sanctions imposed on 6th. I'm two days out.

Will Syria end up like Libya?

And what of Bahraim, where the page in the i paper is dedicated to slaughter, torture and abuse of a dictator? I guess we'll have to watch the side columns again.

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