17 May 2011

Soldiers will be entitled to IVF but not Body Armour

There is apparently a darker side to the proposed vote-winning military covenant from the Conservatives.

Labour have accused the Tories of bringing out the proposal to hide a second wave of severe cuts to the Ministry of Defence. The MoD have unveiled a further 3 month consultation to chop resources.

Given that the issues of body armour for troops have yet to be resolved, the covenant proposals, which seem to be private health care, look slightly stupid.

The covenant, which is being unveiled like star prizes on a game show, now includes funding for schools, housing and premium medical care including IVF.

What do you win Bob?
Well, if you sign up (and survive) we'll keep your family, ensure your kids get to school and assist you to get medical attention for a whole range of conditions.

Now I'm sure the government has a responsibility to house and educate families anyway, enshrining army brats a right to this in law is simply doing the job twice.

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