15 May 2011

Tories Strategically Winning the Next Election

In a move that appeared from nowhere, Cameron has practically guaranteed his next election with the Military Covenant proposals.

The duty of care for military personnel wounded in action has been an issue the RBLI and Help for Heroes have campaigned on for years.

It is a favourite bugbear of the tabloids, who embrace a dedication to troops fighting and the rightful entitlement to care in the event they are injured.

Therefore, in what appears to be a finite proposal from our PM, he has swept the tabloids this Sunday and promoted the status of the military forces.

It's not in the coalition agreement, but Lib Dems would be making an egregious move to object. Labour cannot criticise and it further errodes their reputation for not having a clear policy nor introducing a solid foundation for soldiers while they were in power.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that these soldiers wouldnt be injured were we not to invest troops in escalating civil wars on spurious foundations.

I have to say, I'm impressed.


  1. PS How long until the Daily Mail starts publishing stories on tax payers money being wasted on Soldiers who aren't really injured?

    And what about the cuts to DLA? Does it create a tier system of wounded people; you'd get a car if injured in combat, but if you broke your back collecting rubbish for the council, you're not entitled?

  2. Always use greater fore against itself! If I was our spokesperson I would say "we agree the covenant should be in law - but with specifics, and it certainly must not give carte blanche to send our boys and girls into any war going on the promise of a better quality wooden leg"!

    I just wish we had more ballsy spokespeople.

  3. Lol, "better quality wooden leg"...

    I think that if any of our MPs stood up and made that point, they would be enticing vilification, sadly.

    I think the appropriate response is to keep quiet and wait for the right time to respond accordingly.


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