6 Jun 2011

Nato's ignorance makes me ashamed to be British

Nato are behaving ignorantly and dangerously in continuing to bait Gadaffi and continuing to strike on Libya.

Hague deliberated yesterday on Marr that the rebels, a group Britain refuse to acknowledge as a political party or otherwise, should be preparing for a Gadaffi-free country. The implicit threat is obvious, Nato intend to bomb and bomb and bomb.

I have been virulently against the intervention from the outset, and President Zuma has demonstrated Gadaffi can be reasoned with and would work towards a cease-fire, which would put an end to senseless slaughter and needless violence that is tearing the country apart.

But the rebels have declined, no doubt shored up in their belief that Nato will protect them. And they have been right. For reasons known best and seemingly only to Nato, the attacks on Gadaffi continue in spite of other countries demonstrating how foolish it is.

Nato are perpetuating needless war by supporting rebel forces in their refusal to engage.

American and British news reports very little of the civillian casulties, and little on Zuma, indeed his visit was given very little weight at all. By controlling the media in this fashion, the British and Americans are perpetuating carnage at their own hands and seemingly justifying it.

To those who read a variety of news sites, the many sides are clearer and the violence less justified.

Nato's behaviour makes me ashamed to be British, to be ruled by a Prime Minister who is more blood-thirsty and enigmatic than Blair even.

Clearly if this is the way America, Britain and Nato conduct their operations, there will be no end to Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. The torturous cycles will continue.

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