7 Jun 2011

Pulling together the threads in the Cable and Union row

Vince Cable, seen by many as the conscience of the Lib Dems in the coalition, has been exploited and dragged over the coals in a row about Unions and Strikes.

The Metro carries an article of little weight reporting the boos this morning, The Evening Standard sought to justify his position yesterday and The Guardian today has decided the article isn't worth commenting on at all.

The comments on yesterday's Radio 4 Today programme cited a TUC representative condemning Cable for his leaked speech when they wanted him to talk about jobs. Strikes were not on the agenda for debate.

Had the speech not been leaked before hand, Cable may have escaped the booing of the crowds, no doubt souped up by reports all day.

Cable's aides are reported as saying Cable wanted to provide a friendly advisory comment to Unions, something the Standard suggested was more appealing than a hard line from the Tory right.

But the Tory right would never have been at a GMB conference, and one would rationalise it has been Cable's wonderful ability to flout the rules of the coalition and remain unreservedly anti-tory that prompted his invite in the first place.

However, the representation of his speech in the press may have secured another large nail in the coffin of Lib Dem allegiances with the left.

Once again Lib Dems take the fall for proposed Tory policy on legislating on strikes. And this makes them look even more like Thatcherites in disguise, which will do the party no favours.

Perhaps Cable can assist in repairing this faux pas and have an outburst about something or other again?
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