26 Feb 2009

Exploitation of Suffering in the Media

Don't get me wrong, the pain of Jade Goody and David Cameron must be terrible. But I dread to see the papers tomorrow after the death of his son. The Jade Goody trajedy has been a bitter example of a media controlled and obsessed society regardin g someone smugly from their armchairs as she effectively dies. Short of filming her death in a BB house, I can't think of anything more damning about our society.

Its in every paper, evry bloody day. I concur there are hundreds of people out there suffering just as badly and they can only sell their stories in Take A Break for £500, not Hello for a million. I also think the audacity of our inept PM to comment on the situation was another nail in his coffin for the intelligent public.

To digress on Cervical Cancer, evidence suggests that women who become sexually active early should begin having smears within a year of this and then three yearly. The change in legislation means women only start having them at 25. Seeing as 70% + of women are sexually active at 15, this seems ludicrous.

It may promote the horrendous middle class ethics of the vaccine, but please note that the vaccine only prevents cervical cancer caused by HPV, and 42% of cervical cancers are caused by aids, HIV or the Pill.

Back to Cameron;

Listening to local news on the radio at work today, they actually had the temerity to have Kent Cerebal Palsy charity on there saying how the situation could bring them money. There is no better reason to jump on the band wagon in the British media is there?

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