28 Feb 2009

Feminism and Pornography

Firstly, I consider myself to be a liberal feminist, essentially meaning I feel men and women are essentially the same, that any differences are socially developed, including hormonal responses (to digress, the term hormonal seems to have replaced the term hysterical in patriarchal domination).

My views on sexuality are essentially in the same sphere, that there is no hegemonic heterosexuality but that everyone is on a scale of bisexuality, generally based on social responses.

Re pornography I tend to consider porn is fine with consent, but given that so much of society is shaped by media relations, the constant degredation of society into a state of ubiquitous sexual awareness is a bad thing. One of my favourite quotes is "if you lost sight of god, you lost sight of the devil". I am not religious, but I appreciate morality and humanity and feel moral guidance is central to maintain stable social relations. This is my main objection to the exploitation of females, like Charly, I consider women to be presented in two dimensional archetypes.

With regards to the evolution of pornography, various sectors of feminism and religious groups, I feel it is all a mass response to the fact the gender equality has not been acheived, and that society is imploding in that there are too many factions and noone to stand up and say; right, we need morality, but this can separate from religion, a secularised morality. This would in turn be latterally applied to equality, human rights etc. Until morality is separated from religion and movements, political or otherwise, there will always be people like Allecto.

However, I do agree pornography is no more empowering that beating someone up or firing gun. It might give an adrenyline rush but it is nto acceptable social behaviour to aspire to. Feel free to attack, I am anti guns, drugs etc XD

To come full circle, it is the promotion of pornogrpahy, obscenity and the "anything goes" culture that filters down through the generations. My nine year old sister was singing Christina Agulera the other day, wears high heels and wants a boyfriend. The girls I see in the news agents grab the magazines to idolise Jordan. While some parts of the older generations can see the cynicism and humour in the popular culture expose of women as sex objects, we are promoting to countless further generations that objectifying women as sexual obejects is acceptable and something to aspire to.

(there is of course a separate discursive into children , access to merchandise, access to pornography, and if you feel like it, discussions on whether paedophic pornography is acceptable if we remove the social stigma)

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