24 Mar 2009

More Ranting against Journalists

Maybe I'm spending too much time listening to the news, but I really am finding a level of banal journalism on Radio Four at the moment.

Take, for example, Evan Davis on the Today programme and his approach as to where to host the Indian cricket tournament. I fully admit to not knowing anything about cricket or sport or even caring, were it not for the tentative political situation surrounding the attacks a few weeks ago. Now, if I were a journalist, I would be interviewing people looking into hosting the tournament and focusing on the security arrangements. I can't imagine that there has been a media blackout on investigative journalism, but I'm sure you'll agree that discussing for 20 minutes whether South Africa will have the tournament as opposed to Britain on the basis of the weather, is a little nonsensical.

Then, an hour later, they call someone else in to discuss the cricket tournament, and start enquiry with Sky will demand all rights if it is hosted in Britain, or whether they will allow British terrestrial TV to cover the content as well.

They really are excelling themselves at finding nothing at all interesting in cricket!

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