24 Mar 2009

Diversion Politics

why isn't Not the Nine O'Clock News on any more? because the politicians make idiots of themselves on their own.

From an interview with Jackie Smith this morning on the Today programme;
"What do you think about M.P expenses and how this should be rectified?"
"I have not spent the last couple of weeks thinking about MP expenses, I have been thinking about how to protect Britain from the threat of terrorism"

She really is the most abysmal Home Secretary I've ever seen. Failing to give police in England and Wales pay rises, but insisting on a police guard to get a Kebab; having no shame in corrupting liberal laws to ensure human rights don't apply to refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, foreign nationals or alleged terrorists, and now shamelessly playing diversion politics and still failing to say anything at all.

Not that the opposition are much better, David Cameron's obsession with jumping on the "new" Labour bandwagon is just a shameless, and as tedious.

[ I don't have a particular political leaning, I guess I fall somewhere along the lines of centre-right, but I do value investigative journalism, freedom of speech and the need for leaders/MPs that make sense, can answer questions and can enter debate spiritedly. This appears to be wishful thinking]

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