7 Apr 2009

The Great Throwing of the Shoe and Political Chimeras

I don't pretend to be an expert on the situation in Iraq, far from it, but I am disconcerted by the politics we have introduced [we being Britain and USA, obviously].

It has always been my opinion that charging into a country in peril and setting up "democracy" smacks of the British invading China and India and enforcing Christianity. The fact that the political parties in Iraq are called the Republicans and the Democrats merely supports my argument.

Today's reasonably low level story raises further concerns. What sort of political chimera have we created that has an offence of "insulting a foreign leader".

Then again it could be the offence of "the involvement in terrorism-related activity of which an individual is suspected may have involved the commission of an offence relating to terrorism" [Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005]

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