7 Apr 2009

Heavy Handed Police Powers takes on a New Meaning

This was brought to my attention through that glorious media format face book.

My reaction is visceral.

Previously reported as natural causes, now synonymous with "being hit with a stick". Rather like De Menezes was a "Known Terrorist" for twelve hours (or just an ethnic minority in the wrong place at the wrong time)

I am absolutely seething.

The sad truth is we all know there will be five years of inquests that will rule that there is insufficient evidence to prove that the Police's actions significantly affected his health state and it'll be ruled an open verdict.

Little Rant about Police Power Abuse
I still advocate that abuse of police powers is the minority of the British Police, but that this abuse is likely to increase if they continue to hire people straight out of schools that fail to teach, hire people with minimal qualifications (as A Levels are becoming) and pay more than the average graduate job so anyone who cant get work signs up for £25k a year.

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