1 Apr 2009

Quixotic youth

A socio-political evolution is clearly in place and perhaps even a revolution.

I may not personally agree with the level of violence being demonstrated today at the beginning of the G20 but I am intrigued as to the developments in the long run.

If you talk to older generations they tend to express an apathetic view of the country, politics and the public in general. Paraphrases include "no one in Britain does anything", "we all moan but no one protests" etc

In Eastern Europe there is a large uprising of right wing political groups in their early twenties, a backlash against communism. But young Britain has long abandoned caring about political issues, demonstrated by a society obsessed with reality TV, media and purchases.

IS the rise n the demonstrations today an example of an unseen uprising of youth? As children are raised on the Internet and communication is easier and freer, most demonstrations today and for the rest of week have been organised via social networking sites. A modern public forum where, it appears, young people care.

The growing failure of the government to address issues of the young, to consider the needs and development of the generations raised with access to international communication as well as developing skills men and women in their fifties cannot dream of grasping, may well be coming back to bite them.

If the Chartist movement didn't lead to revolution, will we see a major development towards this and social liberty from an unseen source, socio-media?

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