30 Mar 2009

It cannot be avoided today; the ubiquitous Mrs Smith

The whole thing gives a whole new perspective to using the pseudonym "Mr and Mrs Smith". No reference to the film, and although this is one of the nice subtle points of that movie (I could get into the discursive about how it is the only subtle point of this movie...).

I keep waiting for one of the Red Top Tabloids to start offering the porn movies that he watched (" Raw Meat 3")! It would make a nice change from another coloured-in version all Night of the Living Dead!

Certainly the radio phone-ins today have focused on the principles of watching pornography while married in spite of best journalists attempts to direct people's attention to the objectification of women! This is perhaps one of the best examples of how little people pay attention to politics in this country!

Someone on Radio Five Live on TV attempt to unite the issues by mentioning Jacqui Smith recent legislative attempts on the trafficking of prostitutes from Europe, but it was quickly pointed out (by the journalists, because of course they would know!) That the films that Mr Smith watched were in fact legal pornography. weather of course that is legal pre-Criminal Justice Act which removed rights of consent in January 2009 is entirely different matter.

It seems inconceivable that MPs expenses to justify purchasing pay-per-view television, adult pornography or not; let alone at the antique fireplace, stone sink and irrelevant fripperies that were listed in the papers today. The best that can be hoped for, sadly, is Nick Clegg's suggestion that the three party leaders come together and discuss the growing issue of expenses within the political farce at the moment.

As I commented on another blog, one enlightened listener on radio five live did point out that rather than Mr Smith's watching an adult movies being objectionable, in the relentless attention and harassment that the media give to Mrs Jacqui Smith is the equivalent to pornography. This is another tip towards political figures in the UK being call towards the media and reality TV culture, and I would not be surprised to see within a decade very few apologies being made for outrageous behaviour, MPs with a Amy Whitehouse personas and featuring them in the Big Brother house as matter of course!

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