16 Jun 2009

Didgi get ripped off Britain?

Not content with plunging the country into recession, finding every excuse to invent stealth taxes, failure to get petrol prices down or get any one jobs or anyone off benefits and allowing MPs to claim blue murder on expenses, now Brown reckons we, the struggling public, should "levy an extra 50p a month" to fund the digital era.

Any savy reader of new reforms to social policy will be aware of how important this alleged digital era is being forced into every area and box possible. The "Wellform" legislation encourages the use of pc at family learning days to stop children in underacheiving families from not catching up with their class mates. It encourages flat screen tv advertising in sink estates. Internet access in public services.

What planet is Labour on? Are they not aware of rising unemployment figures? How about rising burglary and vandalism figures?

So while we are being confused by new Employment Support Allowance processes, we must not expect the flat screen tvs to be stolen or vandalised by families trying to pay the extra 50p a month for the digital era?

The MPs expenses issue was a collection of evidence showing how out of touch politicians are with the real world. This is simply more fuel for an already unhappy public.

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