18 Jun 2009

Give them an inch and they will take a mile

The recent information on racist and xenophobic attacks in Ireland has disturbed me greatly. It epitomises not only the state of secularisation without enforcement but also the lack of respect and simple morality people demonstrate.

It is even more disturbing to look deeper and discover that this is not a "one-off". A synopsis in the Irish Times identifies a catalogue of attacks that have not reached mainstream news in the UK.

Then, this morning, catching up on my feminist blogs, this caught my eye;

We can't "hate masquerade as legitimate politics through the guise of immigration "reform" just like we can't let it slip into mainstream dialogue about women's rights or the right to choose."

I am not the only one to observe the link between extreme violence in America and this behaviour in Ireland. IndyMedia refers to this;

"The house in which the Eastern Europeans lived was attacked and daubed with Swastikas and KKK symbols after the violence. Local Gardai called to the scene were attacked with missiles and forced to retreat.

We do not seem to be hosting similar media responses to the BNP and the hate crimes in this country. We should be or we are simply justifying their behaviour and subsequent actions.

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