18 Jun 2009

Women suffer less in recessions

This is the sort of article I loathe from a feminist perspective.

The tone is derrogotary, the implications perjorative and there is the horrendous assumption that this is a good thing.

In a recent survey by the career portal and networking site, many of the female technologists questioned commented that their strong people skills set them apart from their male counterparts.

The implication is that women are more caring, sensitive and delicate. The truth is that a company is likely to keep women on above men as they get away with paying them less.

“Women bring a different set of skills to the table; skills that are vital in challenging times such as these” says Maggie Berry, Director of womenintechnology.co.uk.

Challenging times?! As opposed to times that are less challenging that render women useless?

Do women suffer less in recessions? No, they suffer more because they accept more sacrifices without challenge. And then get pushed to the back seat again when it comes to receiving honours.

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