25 Sep 2009

Enforcing Child Protection


The stringent regulations on CRB checking adults raise some serious questions.

If the government are working towards a state where anyone who has contact with someone else's children, how long will it be before we have regulations on who is allowed to reproduce?

The majority of voluntary organisations I work with crb check all members of staff, and this will not change. But parents will stop allowing friends to collect their children, creating more traffic, more nanny state mollycoddling and more hyper parenting that is developing a society adults without social skils, a generation of kidults who have never catered for themselves. These are the generations that cannot manager debt, that understand the pure rules of consumerism and nothing of civilisation, that respond to emotion not rationale and live life on demand, not contentment.

Further to this, the entire ridiculous scheme is prompted by the Ian Huntley murders. However, Ian Huntly only had one conviction on his CRB, for burglary 18 years previously. If we are preventing everyone from being in touch with children who have committed an offence, espeically those that are completely separate from sexual offences, then we may as well impose life sentences on anyone who commits an offence, from drunken affray to speeding tickets, as they will never be able to partake in society where contact with anyone else is forbidden.

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