25 Sep 2009

Hospitals and Sales Staff should NOT be combined

Not content with turning local governments and the police into marketing and business development, the government is now initiating sales techniques in hospitals.

"95% of your time will be actively spent on the wards ... Promoting & selling the use of bedside media entertainment TV, Phone, Internet, Radio and Games"

I am literally appauled to discover that patients, or to get the government lingo correct, clients, are being sold technolgy.

Hospitals are suffering enough with the NHS being composed of 68% administrative (read bureaucracy) staff.

One member of my ward informed me last week when he had to take his elderly mother to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, he was told she was not from this area and therefore they may not be able to keep her. It was actually recommended he take his mother to her own PCT in London with her broken arm to get treated.

And now while patients are recovering from surgery, injury and disease, they are being cajouled and manipulated by sales assistants?

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