25 Sep 2009

KCC and Grammar Schools

The great privelleged debate about access to education is highlighted in the this recent news article.

In paticular, the Tory strong hold has deliberated the point that

"Twenty two schools in Kent failed this year to reach the government's target of 30% of pupils reaching five GCSE A-C grades"

This is apparently one of the worst records in the country for performance levels.

However, this has revealed that the Tory-led council provide grammar schools with double the funding the comprehensives get.

The great marmite debate of grammar schools is one that is being battled all over the country. But in essence, whether you are pro or anti, it has to be recognised that if KCC are pouring money into grammars, it stands to reason that the comprehensives and secondary moderns will display poor results in comparison.

Equal or similar levels of funding would allow a greater meritocracy in the schools systems and improve academic performance in comprehensives.

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