25 Sep 2009

Why the Attourney General Should Resign

If you want to be a lawyer; solicitor or barrister, you cannot get affiliated if you have a civil sanction against your name. Much less a criminal record.

If you are a barrister or solicitor, you can be disbarred or struck off the register for having a civil or criminal sanction against your name.

But apparently, if you are the Attourney General, and you break the law, recklessly*, then it doesn't matter. Carry on.

After all, you are one of the "boys", the "elite"**.

*Reckless has two definitions in criminal law, but both require either the intent to commit the crime, or lack of foresight as to the damage to be caused. In this instance, it is irrelevant if she did not intend to employ an illegal immigrant, she gave no thought to the risk she might be employing an illegal immigrant, therefore was reckless, therefore is guilty.

**She will not resign for this precise point. Brown has reiterrated he does not think she needs to, therefore to go against the PM would be a travesty. Don't offend the leader of the boys.

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