2 Oct 2009

Gurkhas Burial Section

The Gurkhas Burial Section

Further to the Kentish Express article on the Gurka section of the graveyard, I observed the origin of this petition has not been announced. I consider it cowardly and a subversive form of incitement of racial hatred to submit a petition to the Council without actively engaging a community in the initiative.

Many arguments have arisen over the issue within Kennington, including the fact that the Gurkhas have fought on behalf of Britain and been given leave to stay here on that basis. A motion that over 60% of the population agreed with earlier on in the year.

The assertion it “is not the way a graveyard is run” and that the sign excludes other sections of community. This fails to take into account the demarcations of Christian burials, the War memorials and vast secularised society we embrace.

It is clear that some feel it is unfair that Gurkas have their own area, therefore let us establish areas for all relgions and beliefs in graveyards and crematoriums to prevent exclusion. But people should not be actively discriminating against one paticular group and at the same time be unwilling to present the courgae of their conviction.

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