3 Oct 2009

Tory policy projections are as expected.

So the Tories have finally announced a policy and it is utterly elitist.

Ministers have dismissed the voluntary scheme as "flawed and hasty"

This is quite a good summary in my opinion. Having listened to discussions about on this morning's Radio Four Today Programme, the Tory MP stated that people are needed to go into immediate residential care would not qualify to donate the requisite £8,000, therefore you can only enter the scheme if you were aware you did not at this time need residential care, and if you never needed residential care you'd never be able to get the £8,000 back.

First indicator that having a strong right-centre government will savour only those who have managed to accrue vast amount of savings was their announcement on inheritance tax. Today's announcement does nothing to combat the elitist regime Cameron projects.

Living under a Tory borough council and the Tory county council I can only assume that their intention is to take £8,000 from all of the richest pensioners and then introduce a travelling warden scheme as they have done in our area.

For the 13 sheltered accommodation sites in the Ashford Borough there is only one warden on duty at any one time. Is anticipated that feasibility studies into the effectiveness of the scheme will identify the sheer range of risks this that older people under.

So in essence, the potential Tory government are announcing that they would like to take even more money from old people (considering that one in three pensioners are in poverty anyway) with a view to providing substandard, inadequate care in the event that you don't need is immediately but you potentially may need it the future.

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